Boutique Vacation Rentals vs Big Box Companies

Be it an intimate small heaven you call your home for your vacation or an enormous house with living history; boutique properties offer you the experience of anything between and beyond it. Booking a hotel is something that has been considered a prerequisite for every vacation that you plan. This has long been accepted as a TO DO necessity. Whether a person is planning a budget trip, a backpack one, or a luxury stay, everything boils down to the place you select.

These days people are growing more and more fond of accommodations like Airbnb and other rental options like VRBO,, Homestays, etc. It’s not a lie that people are all the more aware in today’s time and have more in-depth knowledge about strategizing travel, planning expenses, and charting out itineraries all by themselves, and that too from the day the idea of vacation sprouts in their head. However, with this, comes the most weighted choice of selecting where to stay.

Why Choose Boutique Vacation Rentals Over Big Box Companies?

Boutique vacation homes like Jennette Properties provide a collection of luxury holiday home rentals. Contrary to the popular notion, booking a Big Box Company isn’t always a wise decision. Often, big-box companies work out to be even more expensive than staying at reasonable hotels. Besides, the long wait and struck out dates on the availability calendar is more of a hassle. Using a boutique company provides:

  • The small, close-knit group of experienced staff at Jenette Properties facilitate your needs and guarantee that our services are dedicated to your best interest.
  • Along with providing individual attention to clients, there is always a property manager designated to look into each booking and handle relevant queries. There is a constant assurance of quality service 24/7.
  • Boutique firms cater to a countless number of clients offering customized services. They concentrate on individualized customer service and strive for your complete satisfaction. This is one of the significant reasons Boutique firms have established relationships with returning tenants and owners.
  • Known to be selective when hiring their agents, Boutique firms establish higher agent loyalty and retention. To cultivate an exhilarating experience for you, Boutique companies like Jennette Properties usually hire local agents, hand-picked to be proficient and dedicated to each client.
  • Agents are always there nearby, to help you with anything. Jennette has a code of conduct and follows rigorous selection. There are only licensed professionals wanting to serve you and cater to your needs at best. Besides, there are local offices to resolve all your queries and help you embark on the trip of your lifetime.

Architecture-wise, space-wise, ambiance-wise, and the overall vibe that people at Jennette will give you will surely convince you to book your next vacation place with us. With chic and classy interiors and sumptuous outdoors, we at Jennette Properties promise you a holiday that you will surely go down on the list of your ‘Best Trips Of My Life.’

There’s a lot of choices out there, and if one is somehow finding a big box rental and its other clonal options to be a bit more expensive or not quite the experience you remember it to be, then Jennette Properties has got you covered. It is not only just a place you sleep at and take the uber to from your sightseeing destinations but a memory that people cherish for life.

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