Chrissie Cummings Bio: Meet Our Passionate Leasing Agent, Realtor, and Property Manager at Jennette Properties

Chrissie Cummings is an experienced and passionate leasing agent, realtor, and property manager at Jennette Properties. Thanks to her outstanding experience in sales and real estate, Chrissie brings unique and great expertise to her role at Jennette Properties. She has the necessary skills and knowledge to help you find your dream rental property, and she will also excellently manage your investment property.

To learn more about Chrissie’s background, experience, and unique qualities that make her a standout agent at Jennette Properties read this blog!

Chrissie’s Early Career in Sales and Background in the Real Estate Industry

The success story of Chrissie Cummings hails back before 2003 when she worked in the sales industry. Here she gained valuable customer service experience that comes in handy to date. Also, this has helped create a strong relationship with clients.

Fast forward to 2003, she started a career in real estate, where she worked as a receptionist at beach sales. At the same time, she worked at a rental office on Hutchinson Island. Later on, she moved to Vero Beach and joined another real estate firm, and worked her way up until she became the office manager.

In 2016, Chrissie was hired as a rental assistant until she moved to Sarasota in 2018 to work as a Real Estate assistant. This time, she worked for a top producing agent at Coldwell Banker on Siesta Key. The same office offered her an opportunity with Coldwell Banker Vacations, and during this time, she did her Real Estate exam and passed.

She worked with the office for two years until Coldwell Banker Vacations terminated the vacation rentals due to Covid.

Joining Jennette Properties

We go for what we want in life, right? And Chrissie is no different! She was passionate and ambitious about being in the Real Estate Sales and Rental Industry. So, even after her role was terminated, Chrissie felt the need to go back to rentals. She joined Jennette Properties in August of 2022 as a leasing agent, realtor, and property manager.

Chrissie’s Qualities and Unique Traits

Chrissie has likable qualities and unique traits that set her apart as an agent. She is compassionate, a great listener, and easy to communicate with. These abilities have helped her build strong and long-lasting relationships with her clients.

She treats people well and offers them top-notch services. Through her extensive experience in the real estate industry and customer service skills, she can understand her customers’ needs and preferences and attend to them. Additionally, she is an excellent negotiator and problem-solver who is always willing to go over and beyond to ensure that her clients get what they want.

Chrissie’s Personal Life and Hobbies

Chrissie is originally from the UK but moved to the USA with her American husband. She’s been married for 31 years and has 4 kids and 6 grandchildren. The two first moved to Vero Beach and stayed in Sarasota for 3 years.

When not busy promoting her business, Chrissie loves spending time with her husband. She enjoys relaxing with a jigsaw puzzle, resting on the beach, and shopping. She also enjoys dining out and shopping in Sarasota/ Manatee.

Which Beaches Does She Love Hanging Out At?

Chrissie’s favorite beaches in Sarasota/Manatee are Siesta Key and Anna Maria Island, and we can probably tell why. Siesta Key Beach is known for its beautiful, crystal-clear water and white sand, perfect for swimming, relaxing, and sunbathing. Anna Maria Island is pretty laid-back and perfect if you want to have some alone time.

If you are looking for a good vacation/ annual rental in Sarasota/ Manatee, you can talk to Chrissie Cumming of Jennette Properties. She is well-versed in the area and is ready to listen to your needs and give you exactly what you want. Reach Jennette Properties at 941-953-6000.

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