September 2021

Are you trusting your neighbors for managing your rental property? Think again!

If you’ve recently bought a new investment property or you're getting your vacation rental property ready for the upcoming season, you might have realized that you'd need a perfect partner who'd help you manage everything from start to end. While we agree with your choice to onboard a partner, we'd like to say that a friendly neighbor or an old friend would not be the right choice for you. Why? You may...

image Riverwalk in Bradenton

Downtown Riverwalk is a Walker’s Paradise

Experience the extraordinary magic of Bradenton Riverwalk while you relax and rejuvenate along the Manatee River. Revisit the yesteryears with the incredible art exhibit all along the walk. The historical and artistic statues along the walk will take you down memory lane as they talk of the city's history. A unique walking experience for everyone, the 1.5 miles riverwalk will let you enjoy the public...

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