June 2021

image Ringling Bridge Sarasota

Top 5 Things to Do in Sarasota During Summer

With breezy evenings in Florida, and the summer vacations approaching, you might be searching for the top activities this mid-year in Sarasota. If you’re planning a Sarasota beach vacation, you may be surprised at all the other fun things this coastal town has to offer! 2021 Summer in Sarasota has a lot of occasions and extraordinary activities for any local looking out to explore Sarasota County. If you...

image sea turtle

Indulge in Mote Marine

Ever wondered how adventurous the ocean is? Well, its depth is full of fantasies and fantastic creatures. Everyone must experience this once in their lives. But how? Isn’t the ocean full of dangers? Don’t worry; we got you covered. Presenting before you the ultimate destination for all your ocean adventures: Mote Marine, a public aquarium located at the City Island of Sarasota. If you’re planning a...

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