Agent Profile – Roxanne Klopp

Roxanne Klopp has been working with Jennette properties since 2015 as a leading Licensed Real Estate Agent, Luxury Leasing Agent, and Property Manager focused in & around Sarasota County. With hundreds of successful deals, she is a reputable Realtor and an industry innovator. In addition to her deep connections throughout the Sarasota County real estate community, she owned a children’s clothing boutique store in the suburbs of Washington D.C. and was the director of training for Attorney’s Healthcare collections.

At Jennette Properties, Roxanne adopts a team strategy for real estate. Listing & leasing homes in Sarasota is a sophisticated, complex, and often a personal effort. Each customer merits the complete assistance and attention that only a professional team can provide. When working with Roxanne, she gives her personal attention with a customized client-agent relationship, enhanced by professionalism and the consistency of an insightful plan of action.

A good agent listens, understands the needs/wants of his or her client, and then finds the best fit/property/amenities for that client. What makes a good agent great is the ability to relate to all types of people and to make them feel comfortable with you. A strong diverse portfolio featuring different types of properties is also important. Roxanne is just that type of agent!

Good relationships with other referring Realtors, vendors, and service groups (property associates, home and repair services, decorating, etc), strong ethics, follow up and going above and beyond to provide an outstanding experience for the guest year after year is what makes Roxanne, one of a kind.

Roxanne attributes her success not only to her passion for homes but also to her love for living and working in SRQ and introducing people to all that Sarasota has to offer. Handling a clientele that works across different domains, Roxanne has seen exponential growth in her career, thanks to the repeat business of happy clients and their recommendations to friends, family, and neighbors. Her experience in delivering enjoyable results has only made this track record possible.

Roxanne is an amalgamation of charm and tenacity. She likes to win for her clients with a calm demeanor and a smile. Roxanne grew up in Sarasota but moved away during high school. Her longing for the area made her convince her husband and son to come back to Sarasota in 2014 after being in Northern Virginia for 20 years.
When not working, Roxanne can be seen enjoying the Florida lifestyle at her 21′ Sea Ray Sundeck. She loves enjoying the outdoors, mostly at the beach, kayaking,
boating and swimming in the Gulf. She also enjoys feeding the flamingos at Jungle Gardens, visiting the manatee & otters at Mote, shopping on St Armands Circle. The 1905 salad at the Columbia with Sangria & fresh bread are some of her personal favorites in dining. She’s a good person to ask for food, wine, shopping, and travel tips.


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