The Sarasota Players

The Sarasota community boasts a lot of talent. This is why plenty of festivities and cultural and art events happen all year round. While at it, we must recognize the role of The Sarasota Players, a community theater built to deliver quality productions and keep the community of Sarasota engaged with the arts.

History of Sarasota Players

The Sarasota Players was established in 1929 and has been a cornerstone of local arts in the Sarasota community. It started its operations in a small community hall, and the company is a thriving cultural institution.

The Sarasota Players was started by Fanneal Harrison and Catherine Gavin, and back then, Sarasota was a less populated area. At first, the two were owners of Out-of-Door School and wanted an activity that would interest its faculty; the theater was on top of the list.

Pecky Cypress built a theater, and it features 246 seats, a welcoming fireplace, a sound lighting system, and a lobby. The building has since expanded to include a seating capacity of 500, new stage and auditorium lighting, better sound and auditory system, new curtains, better flooring, landscaping, and more.

Over the years, the Sarasota Players have earned a reputation for excellence in theater productions. It has helped foster creativity, community engagement, and a love for performing arts. Currently, the theater provides live and live theater training for people interested in acting and performing arts.

The Sarasota Players is located on the Cultural Coast, giving it a great talent pool.

The Now of The Sarasota Players

The Sarasota Players is home to diverse productions, each featuring unique genres and styles to appeal to a broad audience. Whether you are looking for classic plays and musicals or contemporary works and original productions, there is something to entertain everyone here. This theater company prides itself on presenting high-quality performances to engage and inspire people of all ages.

Additionally, each of the productions by the Sarasota Players has a talented cast and crew dedicated to bringing each show to life. Also, the theater promotes a strong sense of community through their work on and off stage. It also provides educational programs, workshops, and outreach initiatives that help engage people of all ages in the arts.

Whether you’re a seasoned theater enthusiast or someone new to live performance, the Sarasota Players invites you to experience the magic of theater in Sarasota. With a diverse lineup of productions, a talented cast and crew, and a commitment to community engagement, the Sarasota Players will surely delight and inspire audiences of all ages.

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