November 2021

Experience Serenity at Bayfront Park and Marina Island

Located in downtown Sarasota, Bayfront Park is one of the most scenic parks that has something for everyone. Sit on the shoreline, eat at nearby restaurants, play at the playground, organize a picnic, attend numerous events, and so much more. What to expect at Bayfront Park and Marina Island? The Bayfront Park and the Marina/Island Park provide a versatile range of activities for kids and adults alike,...

image historic spanish point sign

A Glimpse into Florida’s Past with Historic Spanish Point

Along the shallow bay, people started to build settlements 5000 years ago. Today, it's known as the Historic Spanish Point, where the indigenous people of Florida lived on fishing and hunting. The involvement of Floridians in fishing is evident with the well-carved tools made up of shells, wood, and bone still found at the Historic Spanish Point. Do you want to know more about this ancient gem in Florida?...

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