Realtor Bio – Alison Hunter

Alison Hunter has been an indispensable part of Jennette Properties for the last 7 and a half years and has successfully paved her way through her highly competent career path. Serving as a Real Estate Agent and Property Manager, she holds a firm track record of phenomenal success with her clientele. With highly networked connectivity around the Sarasota area, Alison has constructively built astounding credibility for her extravagant work and gained the invaluable trust of her clients.
Alison’s Journey

Being a Physical Education teacher previously, Alison decided to follow her mother and join the real estate industry. She smoothly received her real estate license and started working with Jennette Properties, reflecting her diverse nature into the work. Getting exceptional results through her intellect and strong persuasive skills, she holds the ability to add extensive value to the deals under her.

With an intent to aptly cater to the clients’ needs, Alison Hunter prefers to walk an extra mile to get the best for her customers. Kind and considerate at heart, she can understand the varying requirements of the clients and strives to present the desired results. Working with Alison is sure to offer you an incredible experience in buying, selling, and renting properties with a satisfying association.

Alison believes in inculcating good people skills to conduct direct dialogues with clients and consider having adequate knowledge of the area as a great add-on to the individual skillset. According to her, consistent follow-throughs can play an essential role while finalizing the clients and closing deals. The organization can also become a decisive factor while considering growth and targets. A dedicated approach towards the work can assist in bridging the gap between you and your potential customer, and that’s precisely where Alison comes into the scene, aiding you in minimizing the possible prevalent dis-sync and moving forward with a common intent.

Originally from LaGrange, Kentucky, Alison Hunter has been living in Sarasota for the last 25 years and is well versed with all the beautiful spots the place has to offer. Being happily married, she is a mother to one son and three playful dogs. Her vigorous yellow Labradors and the tiny Chihuahua never leave a dull moment in her life.

Having a great inclination towards physical activities, Alison’s hobbies include exercising and kayaking and reading amusing books and engaging texts. She also enjoys cooking and draws joy out of the dishes prepared. When not at work, she loves to watch theatre shows and holds extreme admiration towards the local theatres in Sarasota, including Players Theatre and The Venice Little Theatre. Alison has her best time cooking classes and grabbing delicious meals at excellent restaurants, giving a treat to the tastebuds.

Alison can also be seen rejuvenating herself on the beautiful waters of the Gulf Coast whenever she has some time. She enjoys kayaking on the water spots and soulfully relaxes in a calm environment. Casey Key and Lido Key are some of her personal favorites of the beaches in the area around.

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