Top 5 Reasons Why You Will Fall in Love with Anna Maria Island

Different places in the Sunshine State promise endless joy and fun for tourists of different backgrounds and ages, but the hidden gem of Anna Maria Island is one that caters to everyone at the same time. The white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, a range of restaurants and lots of other entertaining things are what attract people to this relatively small stretch of the island from all over the world.

So, if you have got a vacation coming up and are searching for the best places to visit, look no further than Anna Maria Island. Here are the top 5 reasons to visit Anna Maria Island, Florida that will immediately make you fall in love with this place.

  1. Beaches That Are Beyond Beautiful

There may be more beaches along the coast of Florida than one can possibly keep track of, but none of them are as exquisite as those in Anna Maria Island. From Bean Point and Holmes Beach, to Manatee Beach and Coquina Beach, there are plenty of options for anyone visiting this hidden gem in Florida.

What’s more special is that the myriad beaches located on this island are suitable for youngsters, couples, and families as well as for the elderly depending on the one that they choose to visit. For instance, Coquina, Manatee and Holmes beach are good for friends and families given the various other attractions in the close vicinity such as an array of restaurants, cafes, markets, and more. They are also a favored spot for elderly visitors because there’s an ample amount of public parking space so that the people don’t face any trouble in getting around and can reserve their energy for a stroll along the beach.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a romantic getaway, then the more secluded and secretive shores on the far southern and northern ends of the island are your best bet. For example, Bean Point near City Pier is a quiet and small beach that is highly preferred amongst couples or anyone else looking for a serene and tranquil place to relax and unwind.

  1. Tasty Treats That Tantalize Your Taste Buds

Whether you live to eat or eat to live, you will not be disappointed when you visit Anna Maria Island, Florida. The region is every seafood lover’s paradise and in case you aren’t really fond of fish, shrimps, oysters and the likes, we urge you to take just one tiny bite of any seafood item at a local diner. You are guaranteed to be left craving for more.

Don’t miss the chance to savor the best seafood by visiting Rod & Reel Pier to the north of the island. Even if you are unable to dine out at this local pioneer of seafood due to any reason, there’s no need to worry. With countless restaurants, cafes, bistros and food shops spread all across the island, you will hardly run out of new places to try even if you dine out every day.

The best thing is that most of these eateries are situated very close to the coast. Not only does this guarantee fresh produce straight from the sea, but also enables you to cherish the surroundings as you eat. There are lots of places to satisfy your sweet tooth as well. Enjoy a handmade ice cream or pick your favorite donut for the perfect treat after a hearty meal.

  1. Free Rides to Navigate the Island

Need more reasons to visit Anna Maria Island? Well then here it is. It is one of the rare tourist spots where visitors don’t have to fret about transportation at all!

Throughout the island, you will come across numerous trolleys that can take you anywhere and everywhere between the two extremes of the island. The trolleys run from Coquina Beach in the south to the City Pier in the north. There are various stops for these trolleys that are located intermittently and passengers can hop on or get off wherever they like. Oh, and not to mention, this service is completely free of cost too! You don’t have to pay a single penny!

Not only does this save you extra transportation expenses such as renting a car or paying for a taxi, but also eliminates the hassle of looking for parking spots that are often time-consuming and a mood-spoiler.

  1. Mingling with the Marine Life

A chance to see the wondrous underwater creatures up close is one of the top reasons that make adults and children yearn to visit Anna Maria Island every year. Be it seeing the dolphins, stingrays, manatees and other types of fish or the aerial species such as gulls and various different birds, a trip to the hidden gem of Anna Maria Island in Florida comes close to National Geographic’s documentary-worthy experience.

If you are visiting during the winter season, then take a day trip to the Crystal River to swim with the manatees because it is these warm waters where these creatures migrate to escape the colder temperatures of the Gulf. You will also be fascinated to observe countless turtle nests decorating the shore at a certain time of the year. Seeing lots of tiny dark green baby turtles paddle their way through the sand to the sea is surely a memorable experience for many. However, take care not to get too close to them as it might scare them away. Also, remember that it is illegal to touch or pick up the eggs and/or the baby turtles. They look really adorable but you have been warned.

  1. Stunning Show of Sunsets and Sunrise

Be it the beginning or the end of your day at Anna Maria Island, plan things such that you can catch a sunset or a sunrise. The harmony in nature and the majestic show of colors on the sky cannot be described in words – you have to see it to believe it!

Brew yourself a hot cup of coffee as you head out on the balcony or order your favorite cocktail while you stroll along the beach, the dazzling spectrum of pink, red, orange and yellow hues created by the sun on the horizon is bound to take your breath away.

If you weren’t aware of this incredible place so far, now you are. These were just the some of the main reasons to visit Anna Maria Island in Florida. There awaits a lot more for you to discover in person as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to this glorious place today. And in case you are wondering about housing and accommodation, then contact Jennette properties for the best beach vacation rentals in town.

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