Hurricane Season Preparation for Your Rental Property

Living in Florida you know that June to November is hurricane season. You also know that it is time to get ready. Challenging as it already seems to be, this period also poses hurdles in the property and housing management sectors.

Not being prepared holds the potential to incur thousands of dollars in damage if one hits this area. This directs us to the pro-active, preventive aspect of the natural phenomenon— appropriate planning to deal with the crisis when they arise.

The Vacation Rentals
Numerous people own multiple vacation rental houses in different places. This not only adds to their monthly cash flow but also stands as an alternative to go and revive your energies for some time. Vacation rentals can serve to be an excellent living space with all the desired requirements in place. For this to happen, these spaces should also be prepared to handle difficult times, including storms and hurricanes.

Necessary upgrades make your rental property appealing to stay in. The potential vacation renters check for a couple of aspects before they finally decide to rent your space during hurricane season. Assuring that you are up to date on all these things on the list is likely to get you more clients. Following are the top changes you should strive to make for this season to attract customers and keep your property safe:

1. Hurricane Shutter for the Windows
Hurricanes and storms can be damaging when they get space to seek into space. Boarding up or shuttering the windows ensures that your rental house is kept safe. Boarding up can also be effective when the rental houses are not in use for a longer time, keeping the space intact.

2. Low Trees, No Branches
Several mishaps are reported due to the falling trees during a passing storm. Huge trucks of trees can destroy the entire space if it falls, about the intense wind rushes.
Ensure that all such potentially dangerous trees and big branches near your rental house are cut off. This can turn out to be a vast relief factor for your customer.

3. Hurricane Disaster Supply Kit
Suppose your vacation rental is located in a hurricane-prone area precisely. In that case, you must equip your clients with the hurricane disaster supply kits to enable them to fight such a disaster if it may arise. It also makes sure that your customers are at ease with all the precautionary measures in place.

4. Stable Wi-Fi Connection
Most visitors fear being disconnected from daily life and world affairs, so establishing a firm Wi-Fi connection would help them stay in sync with the outside world. Having this stability also helps in getting prior storm alerts by the authorities to plan the next steps.

Proactively pitching solutions and upgrading your vacation rental, especially for the hurricane season, is sure to bring valuable and interested clients during these month.

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