June 2024

Myakka elephant ranch location in usa

The Myakka Elephant Ranch

Located in Myakka City, Florida, Myakka Elephant Ranch is a non-profit organization founded by Lou Barreda in 2019, driven by his passion for elephant conservation. After graduating with a marketing degree, Lou traveled to South Africa to attend a prestigious elephant conservation symposium. Inspired by the event and leading figures in the field, he decided to dedicate himself to elephant...

How to Landscape Your Rental Property to Make It More Appealing

You know that our dear Sunshine State is all about enjoying the great outdoors. Whether it's morning coffee on the patio or weekend barbecues with friends, our beautiful weather practically begs for inviting outdoor spaces. But did you know that a well-landscaped yard can do more than just make your rental property feel like a tropical oasis? Studies show that a well-landscaped yard can boost your...

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