The Most Beautiful Island Vacation Spot – Anna Maria Island

While planning your next vacation, you might have thought about getting away to a calm, secluded island. If that’s the case, you have landed on the right page and we’re sure you will find this post extremely useful.

We are blessed with hundreds of thousands of islands that are unique and special in their own way. Although there are innumerable islands to choose as your next vacation destination, we have picked one out for you. And that is – Anna Maria Island in Florida.

Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Anna Maria Island is a barrier island, featuring white sandy beaches, soothing seas, and amazing eateries. That’s not it. Vacationing at Anna Maria Island will also give you an opportunity to engage in a variety of fun activities that will make your time on the island more worthwhile.

Continue to read this blog post to find out all about Anna Maria Island and its must-visit spots.

A Short History of Anna Maria Island

The first community on Anna Maria Island was the City of Anna Maria which remains to be the major gathering point of the island till date. Anna Maria Island was first discovered by the Caloocan and Timucan Native American Tribes. In 1539, Spanish voyagers including Hernando De Soto also discovered the island.

At the start of the 20th century, the island was inhibited by Tampa’s then-Mayor Madison Post, who named the island after his wife Maria and sister-in-law Anna. Numerous Cuban fishermen visited the Island for fishing purposes. However, George Emerson Bean turned out to be Anna Maria Island first resident. In 1892, Bean built his house on the northern side of the island which is called Bean Point. FYI, the surrounding area of his house is currently known as the City of Anna Maria. After the death of Bean in 1898, the land was passed on to his son George Wilhelm Bean. For additional development of the island, he worked with Charles Roser.

Bean and Roser started their own company, known as Anna Maria Beach Company. The aim of the company was to work on the development of various areas and streets of Anna Maria Island. Roser was the pioneer of the first church on the island Roser Memorial Community Church in 1913. The bright and illuminated cross of the church was a guiding light for fishermen until electricity reached the island. After all these years, this church is still there and can be visited at 512 Pine Venue, the City of Anna Maria.

A Paradise for Beach Lovers – Anna Maria Island

The island features plenty of must-see spots that every person on a vacation should go to. Some of them are discussed in detail below.

  1. Rod and Reel Pier

Are you curious to try a “Little Bit of Old Florida”? Then do visit the Rod and Reel Pier. Since 1947, the hidden treasure of Anna Maria Island has been serving traditional cuisines including fish specials that will whet your appetite. To give a brief overview of the eatery, the Rod and Reel Pier is a two-story restaurant, located on the Gulf of Mexico.

It features a casual dining area where you, along with your loved ones, can enjoy some quality food. You can dine inside a properly-seated hall or outside on a quaint covered deck. Their conventional seating arrangement will provide you with a real “Old Florida” experience. The eatery also accommodates a casual bar where you can have a glass of beer or wine with your family and friends.

To crank the overall dining experience up a notch, bring along a fishing pole with you. While your food is being prepared, you can idle away your time by catching your own fish!

  1. Pine Avenue Shops

You go on a vacation to a foreign land and return back home without shopping. Not relatable, right? During your island vacation, don’t forget to visit Pine Avenue Shops.

While you are on a mini-break from the beach, you can visit incredible shops and buy souvenirs for yourself. The Shiny Fish Emporium features unique gems that you can decorate your home with. For instance, you can place hand-painted sand dollars or a mini-surfboard in your living room.

Another shop that you must visit is the Island Cabana. Here you will find a wide array of stylish clothing and dainty jewelry. Choosing what to buy and what to skip would be a hard battle for you. In addition to pieces of clothing, you will also find stunning home décor items. Select a few modern decoration pieces and revamp your house interior!

  1. Bridge Street

Anna Maria Island’s hot spot Bridge Street is located in Bradenton Beach. The busy, lively street is full of charming places including popular shopping malls, modern boutique shops, sandy beaches, and great restaurants.

A walk on this street and you will find all you need in one spot. The experience of shopping would be supremely unique as you will come across different kinds of local arts, accessories, clothing, and beach collectibles. Some of the shopping spots you can consider are Bridge Street Bazaar, Bridge Street Jewelers, Back Alley Treasures, The Uptown Lot and many more!

It is likely for you to get hungry during your shopping spree time. In a scenario like this, grab a quick bite at any of the highest-rated restaurants on Bridge Streets. Don’t worry as finding these eateries isn’t very hard. Easy to locate, most of them are located nearby such as Anna Maria Oyster Bar, Bridge Tender Inn and Blue Marlin Seafood Restaurant.

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