The Best Golfing Communities in Sarasota County

Art, culture, leisure, and sports are some of the major components that play a huge role in any society or community. Most people prefer to engage in a variety of sports in their leisure time. And honestly, there is no better way to make use of your free time than participating in or trying out fun sports.

Some of the most common outdoor sports that people engage in include tennis, football, and basketball. But there is one sport that makes people think twice before trying. Any guesses what that sport is? Well, that’s undoubtedly golf!

To beginners, golf may seem like a tough sport. For starters, there are so many rules to wrap your head around. Then, there are different kinds of clubs to know about. If those weren’t enough, there is also a distinct lingo that you have to get a hang of. Honestly, that poses a serious challenge to a novice golf player.

But once you surpass the initial hurdle, golf can be one of the most fun sports ever. Here are a few interesting reasons why you should play golf if you don’t already.

Why Should I Play Golf?

This may sound surprising to many but golf is one of those sports that are ideal for all ages and abilities. It means that you can easily have your 5-year-old son play golf with you. In this way, you can share some bonding time with your family. So, golf is a great way to bring loved ones together and have a fun, jolly time with them.

Did you know that golf is good for your health? We bet that you didn’t!

Well, playing golf is known for improving the player’s cardiovascular health which, in turn, provides you with numerous physical and mental health benefits. It also helps build your muscles and strengthen them, especially if you carry along your golf bag instead of getting a buggy for it. The long walk would keep your heart healthy and lower the cholesterol level simultaneously.

Golf is a sophisticated pastime that’s known for alleviating stress levels. The beautiful greenery and fresh air that are major elements of a golf game help release endorphins. This allows the player to deal with stress symptoms successfully. Players of this game feel happy, calm, and tension-free.

Since golf positively impacts both your physical and mental health, it is safe to say that people who frequently play golf live longer and healthier. A 2006 research showed that golf helps increase your life expectancy by up to five years!

Are you interested in playing golf but don’t know any club where you can try this excellent sport? Well, don’t worry. Here we have picked out our three favorite golf communities where you can engage in the sport.

  1. River Strand Golf & Country Club

Designed by world-famous architect Arthur Hills, the golf and country club is often the first choice of all experienced golf players. River Strand Golf and Country Club is a luxurious community that offers a 27-hole golf course, 39,000 square foot clubhouse, a community center, two resort pools, fitness center, and lots more. Besides golfing, you can also try out other professional sports such as tennis, swimming, or pickleball.

It is a perfect place for hanging out with your friends and family. Visit this golfing destination with your friends and make a day out of it. We highly recommend going on this amazing expedition. There are so many things that you can try out. For instance, if you or your dear ones are not into golfing, then all of you can enjoy other incredible amenities, such as eating out at a semi-formal styled dining room, grille room, or Tiki bar. Enjoy fine dining by ordering unique, scrumptious dishes in a serene area, surrounded by tropical trees and oaks near the Manatee River.

What’s also great is that there also happens to be a fitness center. Working out in a calm and peaceful locality would send you in a deep relaxed mode instantly.

  1. University Park Country Club

Rated four stars by Golf Digest, this semi-private country club is an ideal location for unwinding. The award-winning golf destination is located a few miles away from the Sarasota International Airport. The timeless location and scenic natural view are the first two things that makes this club’s membership heavily sought after.

Like River Strand Golf & Country Club, this club also features a 27-hole golf course. But what makes it distinctive is its convenient access to not only members but visitors and residents of that area too. Foodies can indulge in exotic cuisines at the Park Grille & Café while fitness fanatics can work out at the special fitness center. If nothing else, you can take a refreshing stroll around the club and get some fresh air!

  1. Palm Aire Country Club

Join Palm Aire Country Club and become an integral part of the Palm Aire Family. This is the kind of association you would never want to part yourself with.

Being a core member of this club, you will get the chance to socialize with different kinds of people, joining in from different walks of life. This is the ultimate place to build long-lasting friendships. If you are in the mood to make some new pals, this is the club you should join at this instant. You will also get the opportunity to try different group activities such as gardening, yoga and bridge.

If golf is your main interest, you will be glad to find out that the club offers 18-hole golf courses, designed by critically acclaimed architect Joe Lee. Being one of the largest golf in Sarasota area, Palm Aire Country Club is indeed a must-visit destination.

Are you wondering how you can get access to these remarkable clubs? Well, contact Jennette Properties and find out how you can join these outstanding golf and country clubs.

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