The Gorgeous Picturesque Weather of Sarasota

Known as Florida’s “Cultural Coast,” Sarasota is a spectacular city that is home to numerous amazing art venues, galleries, theatres, and museums that are scattered all across the city. This wonderful city is undoubtedly most popular for its fascinating cultural side, but more than that, it’s majorly known for its gorgeous picturesque weather that simply leaves one in awe and wonder at the ultimate beauty of Mother Nature.

The pleasant weather doesn’t only make the city and its surrounding keys ideal places to visit all year round but also presents exciting opportunities to make the most of the weather and indulge in different types of activities.

Since Sarasota has a subtropical climate, the summers are hot in the city, and the winters are quite mild. It has more of a mixed weather system, where the bright Florida sunshine is often coupled with mildly warm temperatures.

The period between October to May is mainly characterized by a dry season, and June to September features the hot, rainy season.

Head towards the Beach during the Hot Summer Days

The summer season in Sarasota, Florida, surely brings with it the sweltering heat and the blinding sunshine, but do you know what else it brings with it? A chance to head to the beach and have the time of your life!

The beach isn’t just the ideal place to make the most of the hot summer days, but during sunset, it creates the most breathtaking scenery in the sky that is absolutely Instagram-worthy and a real treat to the eyes.

Whether you wish to lie down on the warm, sun-kissed beach and read a book or you want to splash around in the water and beat the heat with the coolness waves, the beaches in Sarasota are perfect to all of that.

If you are more of an enthusiast and have an adventurer residing inside of you, you can even give a shot at exciting water sports and activities such as swimming, surfing, and water skiing, to name a few.

If you happen to visit Sarasota during the rainy season, the chances are that you can still catch a few beachy days. You can make the most of your vacation by visiting some of Sarasota’s most popular beaches, including the very stunning Siesta Beach and Nokomis Beach, among many others.

Other Interesting Activities to Do in Sarasota

If you fail to catch the ideal beachy days in Sarasota and are unable to make it to the beach due to rain or any other reason, there are so many other wonderful activities that you can participate in and have a fun-filled time.

Sarasota is home to a downtown shopping district where you can almost anything from shoes and designer clothes to beautiful jewelry and art collections. Perhaps, take a trip downtown and explore what this incredible city has to offer to you. You can go window-shopping and try on some clothes or perhaps, buy some great gifts for your friends and family back home if you are here on vacation.

If you have a particular liking for the arts, you can pay a visit to the Ringling College of Art and Design, where they have a huge museum with numerous exhibits and magnificent famous art collections on display.

Depending on the time of the year of your trip to Sarasota, you might find yourself lucky enough to catch the Annual Downtown Sarasota Festival of the Arts, where you can see a variety of fascinating things such as life-sized sculptures, amazingly unique jewelry, and one-of-a-kind photography.

Last but not least, if performing arts are more your style and if you’d rather experience a bit of drama, dance and music, you must visit The Sarasota Ballet, a ballet company that puts up several mind-blowing shows throughout the year. It is an internationally recognized ballet company and is quite popular for the kind of shows that it does.

Book the Best Vacation Rental in Sarasota

If you are planning to visit Sarasota and enjoy a fun-filled vacation in this wonderful city, the best way to achieve that is with a beach vacation rental. Whether you are on your own, traveling with a large group of friends or planning a long, extended stay, renting a vacation property is an ideal way to enjoy your stay in the city to the maximum.

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We have excellent vacation rentals located in the city that will make your stay absolutely comfortable, easy, and smooth throughout your vacation.

More than that, our beach vacation rentals present you the perfect opportunity to capture the true, raw beauty of Sarasota’s picturesque weather, be it during the morning, afternoon, evening, or the night. All you need to do is take out your photography equipment, put some photography skills to good use and let the colors of the skies, the waters, and the sand do their job and create magic in a picture!

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