Anna Maria Island, Florida

Located in the heart of Florida’s southwest coast, this 7-mile-long island is situated on the Gulf of Mexico. It homes three beautiful communities: Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, and Anna Maria. The picturesque beach is an absolute delight to the eyes. The white sands of the coastline seamlessly blend with the blues of the Gulf, serving all its viewers a moment of beauty. Anna Maria Island is a complete Piece of Paradise.

What’s so special about Anna Maria Island?
With the sun rays falling over the green and blue waters of the Gulf, the Island witnesses a magical sunset. A perfect getaway in itself, Anna Maria Island brings you the most relaxing and soothing experience whether it is watching the sunset, building sandcastles in the cool white sand, or walking along the mangrove trails. A culture-rich experience is instilled in you for a long time to remember.

This place still holds on to the original essence of old Florida and yet, shares a warm welcome to its newness. Away from the usual city rush, life moves more slowly over this long-stretched piece of land. To sunbathe while lying on the beach or kayaking through the mangroves, Anna Maria Island enhances your essence of living.

Along with the casual setting, the Island also offers several outdoor activities to complete your vacation or staycation if you’re local. Dolphin watching, Gulf fishing, historic Bridge Street, and horseback riding on the beaches to name a few. Cortez Village on the Intracoastal waterway offers an exciting waterfront to everyone, housing the fascinating Florida Maritime Museum.

Anna Maria Islands has a wide range of mouth-watering cuisines and fantastic dine-in options to choose from. These award-winning restaurants serve every need of yours, starting from light, tropical martinis to delicious fresh seafood. The shopping spots and boutiques offer an enriching touristy experience to new and old in town alike. Apart from these, various wildlife and cultural attractions can be seen on the Islands.

At a distance of mere 20mins from Bradenton, Anna Maria Island gives the feel of the older era while having every modern convenience to make your vacation special. All in all, Anna Maria Island is the best family holiday spot to be at!

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