A Plethora of Activities Offered by Sarasota and the Surrounding Keys

Featuring a great centralized location, Sarasota is one of Florida’s most popular cities visited by thousands of tourists each year. It offers such an eclectic blend of pristine beaches, fine dining, history and culture, making it an absolutely must-visit place on its own.

However, most of its popularity comes from the numerous beautiful keys or the islands that surround it, where each of them has a variety of incredible attractions, opportunities and amenities to offer to the excited visitors.

Siesta Key

This has to the most famous of all the keys near Sarasota, which is located just about ten minutes away from the mainland area.

Siesta Key was voted to have the second-best beach in the whole of United States in 2009 and 2010, given the stunning white sands and clear gushing waters. However, a few years later in 2015, the Siesta Key Beach won its spot as the “No.1” beach according to the TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Award.

The main reason why it is home to the nation’s number one beach is because you aren’t likely to find as soft, white and fine sand anywhere else as you would at the beach in Siesta Key.

It has the finest sand which contains 99% quartz, and the beauty of quartz is that it allows the sand to stay cool, soft and smooth, even during the summer season. Another thing that keeps tourists coming back to Siesta Key is the unlimited number of amenities that the city has to offer to them.

If you are quite the thrill-seeker and have an adventurer residing inside you, you can go for parasailing and have a one-of-a-kind experience. Afterwards, you can take a swim in the warm Gulf Waters and or even jog on the soft, warm sand.

As the sun starts sinking behind the waters, you can catch the breathtaking sunset and capture an Instagram-worthy picture

Siesta Key also has other gorgeous beaches where you can go for a quiet, relaxed time, one of which is Crescent Beach. It has the same Siesta spectacular views to offer, but it is a lot more peaceful and serene. If you are in the mood for some fun, you can go to the Point of the Rocks located towards the end of the beach and participate in diving, snorkeling and numerous other water-related activities.

Siesta Key is also famous for fun-filled events like May’s World Class Sand Sculpting Competition that takes place every year. On Sundays, the beach holds a weekly drum circle that you can also join during your stay in the city.

Other South Florida Keys that You Must Visit

South Florida has many other keys, including St. Armands Key, Lido Key, and Longboat Key, which aren’t as famous as Siesta Key, but they are equally exciting and stunning. The only difference is that they are much more tranquil and aren’t buzzing with noisy crowds so if you ever feel like going on a quiet weekend getaway, these Keys are perfect for you.

Apart from the white sandy beaches with cascading waters, these Keys offer numerous activities like golf, first-class tennis, and exciting kayak tours.

Longboat Key is particularly for the farmer’s market located on Coquina Beach. You won’t find a sweeter variety of honey or a fresher stock of produce anywhere else than here!

Lido Key, on the other hand, is the ultimate place to be if you are looking for some seclusion. More than that, you get to spot wildlife along the shores of the beach as your stretch out on the white sands and bask under the gleaming sun.

Once you’ve enjoyed the beaches to your heart’s content, you can go to St. Armand’s Key, which is known to be the ultimate hub of shopping and dining. You’ll find hundreds of restaurants, boutiques, retail outlets and clothing stores where you can shop and eat and have an amazing time.

The Beauty of Sarasota

What makes Sarasota so unique and interesting is that you don’t have to travel to any of the surrounding keys to have a good time; there are so many wonderful things to do in Sarasota itself that will keep you super entertained and will give you the experience of a lifetime.

If you are into arts, there are so many art galleries at your disposal for you to peruse in the city such as State of the Arts Gallery and Wyland Galleries of Sarasota.

As you go around exploring the city and you happen to work up an appetite, you will find yourself with so many amazing food options from little delis and food trucks to some of the most extravagant steakhouses in the city. The food in Sarasota never disappoints, and if you are a true gourmand, you are in for great luck!

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