5 Reasons to Love Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is more than just a small stretch of sand nestled along the Gulf of Mexico. With its calm waters and gentle breezes, this island has a true Florida charm unlike any other.

While many would love to keep this island a hidden gem, a secret destination; here are the top five reasons you’ll fall in love with this slice of paradise.

1. Beautiful Beaches

While there are plenty of beautiful beaches that line the coast of Florida, Anna Maria Island has so many options to explore. Coquina Beach, Manatee Beach, and Holmes Beach are slightly busier due to the sizable public parking areas, however, those beaches are still much less crowded than say Siesta Key Beach, which was voted the no. 1 beach in America by TripAdvisor.

If you’re looking for even more seclusion, the island has many “secret beaches” to discover. Heading south or north on the island will land you on much quieter beaches such as the small beach area near the City Pier or the northern most point, Bean Point.

2. Tasty Treats

There are so many great small restaurants and shops on the island that you can never eat at the same place twice in a whole week. You can find everything from beachy Tex-Mex to unique doughnuts or handmade ice cream to the freshest seafood.

Many places are just a stones throw away from the beach too, so you can either enjoy some outdoor seating or take your food to go and sit on the beach.

3. The Free Trolley

Dotted throughout the island are convenient and free trolley stops that take you from point to point. Catch a ride all the way from Coquina Beach (South) to the City Pier (North) and hop on and off at any stop. It is a great way to get around instead of driving from place to place.

4. Marine Life

Dolphins, stingrays, manatees, fish, gulls and other types of birds – on Anna Maria Island there is an abundance of wildlife and marine life to see. Depending on the time of year you might even spot sea turtle nesting (but don’t get close – it’s illegal to touch the handle or interfere with them!).

5. Sunrise and Sunsets

Whether it’s the beginning or end of your day on the island, you can catch one of the most beautiful sunrises or sunsets imaginable. Enjoy a walk on the beach with your coffee in the morning for sunrise and a cocktail in the evening for sunset. It really is truly magical to see.

You may not have heard of Anna Maria Island, but it’s a great spot to enjoy all that Florida has to offer. Anna Maria Island also offers some of the best vacation rentals near the Gulf of Mexico. To find out more about the beach vacation rentals available, contact Jennette Properties today!

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