The Ringling College of Art and Design and the Sarasota Museum of Art

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The Ringling College of Art and Design’s Sarasota Art Museum exhibits and educates the public about modern and contemporary art. The Museum aims to foster critical visual thinkers and ethical citizens by providing a safe space for exploration, learning, and risk-taking through a constantly changing roster of transformative, timely, and ground-breaking exhibitions and programs.

Sarasota Art Museum is the only museum in Sarasota that is exclusively dedicated to contemporary artists and their work. Visitors can view stimulating exhibitions and engage in educational programs encouraging dialogue and enhancing the city’s artistic culture.

About Ringling College

Since its founding in 1931, Ringling College of Art & Design has welcomed artists and designers worldwide to develop their skills further and pursue their interests. Inspiring almost 1,600 students, the institution provides them with a world-class education, state-of-the-art facilities, and a creative environment to put their ideas into reality.

There are eleven BFA majors and two BA majors at Ringling. They don’t skimp on the academic rigor, pairing studio, and liberal arts courses, and they do everything they can to mold their students into industry leaders by exposing them to real-world experiences like client projects, meaningful internships, and national competitions.

The Galleries

At Ringling College of Art & Design, we have seven galleries that regularly host exhibitions and other events to showcase the work of its students, professors, alums, and visiting artists. Rotating exhibitions, artist talks, lectures, and other events ensure that there is always something fresh to see.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or just someone interested in exploring different types of creative expression, there is something here to inspire and challenge you. Its mission is to raise awareness of the importance of art and creativity in the greater Sarasota community through one of the most prominent and dynamic interaction channels.

Committed To Building Community

The Museum’s lack of a permanent collection and its vast, cathedral-like rooms for rotating exhibitions give modern artists unparalleled chances to debut new works, collaborate, and interact with audiences in novel ways.

The Museum provides students and alums of Ringling College with unrivaled opportunities, including 15,000 square feet of exhibition and gallery space. In addition, community members of all ages can take advantage of Saturday Studios and Your Wednesday Playdate, two of the many drop-in art-making programmes offered at the space.

Ringling College of Art and Design and the Sarasota Museum of Art in Sarasota | How Are They Connected?

The Sarasota Museum of Art promotes an awareness of and interest in internationally significant contemporary art by well-known and up-and-coming artists. The Museum of Modern Art shows cutting-edge art to people with varying degrees of familiarity with modern and contemporary works.

In 2003, a group of thirteen visionary Sarasotans got together to make good on their plan to add a modern art museum to the city’s already thriving cultural scene. The Sarasota Art Museum and Ringling College of Art + Design collaborated to convert the former Sarasota High School into a museum and visual arts instructional center following a two-year conversation with local arts, educational, and community leaders.

The Museum is “adaptable and timely through a development of transformative, pertinent and groundbreaking new exhibitions and programs” instead of having a permanent collection. The Sarasota Museum of Art is a part of Ringling College of Art and Design, making it a learning institution with a primary mission to educate the public about the significance of contemporary art through various community education programs and courses.

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