The Balance of Science and Nature at The Bishop Museum

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This museum is located in Bradenton, Florida. It exhibits the great historical events of Florida as well as having many educational opportunities and scientific events. It was previously known as the South Florida Museum and is a major tourist attraction on the Florida Gulf Coast. People from all over the world visit it to know more about the history of Florida from a natural and scientific perspective.

Major attractions

This museum consists of many other attractions, which makes it the largest natural history museum in Florida. Here are some of the many places you can visit on your next trip to the Bishop Museum:

The Bishop Planetarium
It is the premier astronomy education facility on Florida’s Gulf Coast. It’s an all-digital planetarium with projection and multimedia facilities to enhance your knowledge entertain you.

Parker Manatee Aquarium
It is a rehabilitation facility to help the injured or orphaned animals and fish return to the wild. The museum has rehabilitated over 40 animals up to today.
A manatee named Snooty which resided at the Parker habitat, got very popular, and people loved to watch him. He was one of a kind and one of the few manatees that could interact with humans. Unfortunately, this famous manatee died at the age of 69 in an accident, but people in the Bradenton region still have a lot to tell about him.

Tallant Collection
It showcases a beautiful collection of pottery, stones, and shells that a furniture store owner in Florida collected. He sold his collection to the Bradenton junior chamber of commerce in 1948; it has become a part of the Bishop museum.

Spanish Plaza
It came into light through the efforts of the president of the Bishop Museum’s Dr. W.D. Sugg. He brought the artifacts in order to exhibit the history of Spain and the Desoto period. This area is also available to the public as an event venue for various parties and gatherings.

The Bishop Museum can be a memorable experience for every visitor to be able to have fun and immerse themselves in science and history. The museum often organizes events and special exhibits for visitors such as Talking Telescopes, KidSpace and Welcome to the Jungle. The museum organizes a monthly program named IQuest for school students in which they host various games and puzzles to help the children think out of the box. You can check out the list of upcoming events here to plan your trip.

Image Resource: The Bishop

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