Parks & Recreation – Explore Manatee’s 39 Parks, 24 Preserves, and More

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Manatee County has an abundance of spectacular parks, preserves, and beaches to play in! It is home to 39 parks, 24 preserves, and miles of beaches and provides some of Florida’s best recreational activities and facilities.

What to explore in Manatee County?

De Soto National Memorial
On March 11, 1948, the national memorial was established. The memorial was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on October 15, 1966, under Shaw’s Point Archaeological District, as are other historic places maintained by the National Park Service.

De Soto National Memorial aims to preserve and understand the contentious story’s significance in American history. Visitors can participate in living history demonstrations, try on armor, and stroll a nature trail through a Florida coastal terrain like that faced by the conquistadors over 500 years ago.

A pet-friendly park on the water where you can learn about the area’s history, go on a kayak tour, walk a nature trail, fish, picnic, and enjoy the beach, among other activities.

Robinson Preserve
With more than 4 miles of hiking on the shell and natural trails along Tampa Bay near Bradenton, Robinson Preserve is where farmland gave way mangroves.

Robinson Preserve, a 487-acre patchwork of mudflats, mangrove swamps, and beaches, is a tribute to Aldo Leopold’s spirit. Once farmland in a Bradenton neighborhood noted for its tropical plant nurseries, this stretch of coastal ecosystems has undergone substantial restoration, from removing invasive species to the recreation of tidal creeks and basins nourished by the rise and fall of Tampa Bay. The 5-story observation tower is its most prominent feature. This family-friendly preserve is a fantastic seaside location, with routes for hikers, cyclists, and paddlers to explore.

Emerson Point Preserve
Near Bradenton, Emerson Point Preserve protects the Portavant Mound, one of Florida’s oldest ancient temple mounds, where the Manatee River meets the Gulf of Mexico. Emerson Point, a peninsula sandwiched between the Manatee River, the Gulf of Mexico, and Tampa Bay, has drawn travelers for millennia. Today, you can see the Sunshine Skyway Bridge from an observation tower.

The mix of fresh and saltwater, on the other hand, provided a fantastic fishing field as well as a place to gather shellfish and salt in ancient times. The Portavant Mound is more than 150 feet long and 80 feet wide, with live oaks atop it, and it dates back over a thousand years.

Manatee Village Historical Park
Experience the history of local pioneers and a day in the lives of Bradenton’s original people as if you were traveling back in time.

Beker – South Fork State Park
Although it is a modest park in the neighborhood, it is a hidden gem. True nature enthusiasts will enjoy this natural Florida scenery, and it’s a fantastic area to go trekking.

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Image source: National Park Service

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