New Family Golf Outing Opens at UTC

From history to the present, golf has been an inextricable part of Sarasota’s environment, and there is no shortage of courses and country clubs for the golfers to spend a day honing their skills.

The Sarasota/Manatee area has something for golfers of all abilities, from skilled to novice. There are hundreds of communities and courses on the Southwest coast of Florida.

Since John H. Dizzy Gillespie arrived in Sarasota County with his bag of hickory shafts in 1885, players have been watching golf balls soar against the blue skies of the county. In 1886, he designed two golf holes near modern-day Main Street.

PopStroke has opened another new golf area in Tampa to add icing to the cake.
PopStroke is the starting point for all future dining and entertainment options at the University Town Center. PopStroke is steadily gaining traction in Florida and other regions where golf is widespread, and the company currently has offices in Port St. Lucie and Fort Myers.

TGR Ventures and Greg Bartoli’s joint venture will open sites in Orlando and Houston. PopStroke has already opened a location in Tampa and is beginning to open in Delray, Florida.

The Sarasota public is buzzing around the sidewalk of PopStroke Golf Course, eager to be admitted to the view and play Tiger Woods’ latest golf entertainment center

PopStroke Sarasota will feature a playground, dining area with a delicious menu and bar, ice cream shop, and two 18-hole golf putting courses. It features a two-story layout with a rooftop bar and personal event space.

It will be open every day from 9 a.m. to midnight. They don’t take golf or restaurant reservations, so be the first one to enjoy all benefits.

All-day passes are $25.
$20 for seniors and military.
$18 for ages 6-12.
$15 for ages 3-5.
Senior day is $15 on Mondays.
Tuesday kids get to golf and have ice cream for $16, and kids’ lunches are $2.
Wednesday is college night and tickets are $15.

Everyone is welcome here, regardless of age and skill level. You may see a 5-year-old kid having fun on the playground and a 75-year-old grandpa relaxing in a bar.

Jennette Properties ensures that people planning to reside in Sarasota should not be abandoned from all the benefits and entertaining life surrounding them. We understand there is a reason you’re staying in Sarasota, and therefore we want to add a cherry on top.

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