Big Cat Habitat in Sarasota

image of a tiger in Big Cat Habitat

If you’re looking for activities to do while in Sarasota there is an excellent option for the whole family. The naturalist and the historian alike will find a lot to enjoy at this amazing location. Visit Sarasota’s Big Cat Habitat for an unforgettable adventure! It’s a must-do if you’re in the Anna Maria Island area.

About the Big Cat Habitat

The Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary is a charitable organization that helps endangered big cats. Their purpose is to provide a secure, caring, and permanent home for rescued exotic and domestic animals to ensure the survival of these amazing animals for future generations.

The foundation of a happy, healthy animal in human care is daily behavioral, sensory, and manipulative enrichment; therefore, they aim to construct habitats that mirror native surroundings and are staffed to give such enrichment.

The Big Cat Habitat plans to continue providing first-rate treatment while spreading awareness as they expand and make space in their habitat for more rescued animals. They welcome guests with disabilities and have a limited number of wheelchairs available.


The Big Cat Habitat in Sarasota is home to various exotic and endangered species. There are both native and non-native species housed in this sanctuary. All sorts of monkeys and birds are strutting and swinging through the treetops, and you can even see lions, tigers, and bears roaming the ground. Rare hybrid animals can also be found in the Big Cat Habitat. See some amazing Tigons and Ligers on display. The sight of one of these beasts in person is awe-inspiring and monumental.

Take the kids to the petting zoo for some animal fun! Let the kids run around with the goats and lambs as the staff teaches them how to care for the animals. The best way for your kids to learn about these cute creatures is through direct interaction.

Animal Encounters are great if you want to learn more about the animals up close and personal. You will interact with the animals in a very direct and personal way. The animal caretakers at Animal Encounter will fill you in on all the fascinating details of the creatures you interact with.

The two-toed sloth, ruffed lemur, silver fox, and nimble wallaby are just a few of the animals you can get up close and personal with here. The Animal Encounters are open for reservations on Wednesdays through Sundays.

Why not adopt a pet if you want to aid an animal in need? If you want to assist in collecting money for homeless animals, the Adopt-an-Animal program is a great option. Find out what your adoption fee will go towards by calling or writing to them.

Tours of The Big Cat Habitat

There is a time limit on tours. Tours may only be booked in advance through the website and paid for in full to protect the comfort of the exotic cats and ensure enough staffing levels.

Visit to check availability and make a reservation. Tours are in high demand, but new ones are constantly being launched. If the day you want isn’t available, don’t let that deter you from scheduling as soon as possible.

You’ll get to meet the cats, find out how the system works, and what you can do to help keep these magnificent wild gems free throughout your visit.

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